Bananas Fábio


Get to know more about each kind of bananas we offer: Chunkey Banana

Banana Prata

Straight fruit up to 590in length, with yellow-green peel with five sides, pulp less sweet than the Yellow Cavendish banana and more consistent.

Yellow Cavendish banana

Thin yellow-green peel (same as ripe fruit), pulp really sweet. Smooth and with pleasant smell. Each bunch has around 200 bananas.


Largest of the specie, can reach 1.76oz and has 1181in. Flattened in one of the sides, with yellow-dark peel and consistent pulp. Can be consumed baked, fried or boiled.

Manzano Banana

Can reach 590in and weight 5.96oz. It's slightly curved, has thin light yellow peel and white pulp. Aromatic, with very appreciated flavor.

Sugar Banana

It's the smallest, weighting maximum 393in. Cylindrical shape, thin gold yellow peel. Sweet pulp with enjoyable smell and flavor.

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