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We have in the world almost 1.000 types of cultivated and wild bananas with distinct characteristics. This is the most consumed fruit in the world and most popular in Brazil. The banana is abundant in mineral salts, great energy source and abundant in vitamins and minerals. Take a look at the types of bananas we work with by clicking the link below

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The banana’s potassium is an important blood pressure reducer ally.

Do you want a good digestion? The banana is famous for contain high quantity of dietetic fibers

It’s good to the bones! The banana is abundant at fructooligosaccharides which helps the calcium and magnesium intake

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Efficiency and technology

We have an qualified team who offers the best treatment in all areas. We are willing to clarify our clients doubts and offer the necessary security about an product and also quality service. At our shed, the bananas climatizing it’s done with the best today’s technology equipments. Everything to guarantee our consumers satisfaction.

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